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Virginia, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 STEPHENS, Edward A  <1828>Virginia, United States I39466
2 PITTS, Andrew  Est 1668Virginia, United States I49932
3 Alice  Est 1670Virginia, United States I49933
4 HUGHES, Mary Tarleton  Abt 1696Virginia, United States I26197
5 BAYSE, Elizabeth  1715Virginia, United States I29996
6 WOFFORD, Benjamin J  1715Virginia, United States I47670
7 RICKS, Miss  Abt 1724Virginia, United States I2300
8 FLYNN, George  1720/1730Virginia, United States I30132
9 LITTLEJOHN, Samuel  1730Virginia, United States I29875
10 Sarah  1732Virginia, United States I31434
11 MIMS, Mary  Abt 1732Virginia, United States I55664
12 BRANDON, Mollie  1744Virginia, United States I37158
13 COFER, Sarah  1744Virginia, United States I29876
14 LYON, John  1744Virginia, United States I43119
15 MONROE, Jeanette  Abt 1746Virginia, United States I58170
16 JENKINS, Josias Bartholomew  Abt 1750Virginia, United States I57631
17 TRUMBO, Jacob Sr  1754Virginia, United States I54319
18 MONROE, Ann  Abt 1755Virginia, United States I58174
19 FLETCHER, Robert  Abt 1756Virginia, United States I50180
20 Elizabeth  Abt 1760Virginia, United States I37153
21 MIMS, Judith  Abt 1760Virginia, United States I55667
22 STANLEY, Nancy J  Abt 1760Virginia, United States I37160
23 DEPRIEST, Elizabeth  Abt 1763Virginia, United States I55653
24 ELMORE, Athanatious  1766Virginia, United States I427
25 SMITH, Chloe  1766Virginia, United States I55352
26 ETTERS, Henry  1768Virginia, United States I29795
27 CAMP, Stephen A  17 Sep 1771Virginia, United States I67
28 EVANS, Mrs. Mary  17 Sep 1773Virginia, United States I35376
29 YOUNG, Jacob  18 May 1774Virginia, United States I55534
30 MULLINS, William ( Coonie Bill ) Sr.  Abt 1776Virginia, United States I37145
31 YOUNG, John Harmon  25 Jun 1778Virginia, United States I55536
32 MULLINS, Mrs. Rutha  Abt 1780Virginia, United States I37146
33 MARTIN, Jane Euphamia  6 Mar 1781Virginia, United States I60258
34 YOUNG, Naomi  2 May 1782Virginia, United States I55538
35 YOUNG, Samuel  6 Jul 1787Virginia, United States I55540
36 KING, Sanders  Abt 1800Virginia, United States I59603
37 COOPER, Sarah  4 Oct 1807Virginia, United States I50177
38 STIGELMAN, Mahala  1812Virginia, United States I58751
39 PEACHER, James Lee  2 Mar 1815Virginia, United States I57390
40 DALTON, Peggy  1820Virginia, United States I49711
41 AINSWORTH, Martha Ann slave  Abt 1825Virginia, United States I31550
42 DALTON, William  1826Virginia, United States I49715
43 DALTON, Hannah Mariah  1827Virginia, United States I49716
44 DALTON, Lewis Columbus  17 Sep 1828Virginia, United States I49717
45 GRICE, Matilda  1832Virginia, United States I50562
46 TINNELL, Hester Ann  1839Virginia, United States I50581
47 PHILLIPS, William Andrew  2 Jan 1840Virginia, United States I58776
48 SANDERS, Edith Ann  1842Virginia, United States I50818
49 WYKERT, Elizabeth  Abt 1843Virginia, United States I30577
50 DALTON, Hester "Esther" "Hettie"  23 Mar 1843Virginia, United States I49724

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 TURNER, John  1738Virginia, United States I3645


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ELKINS, Amihela  DEADVirginia, United States I37138
2 GLENN, David  Virginia, United States I2511
3 MARTIN, John Charles  Virginia, United States I60259
4 RICKS, Robert Farry  Virginia, United States I2298
5 RICKS, William (Rickesis)  22 Jun 1694Virginia, United States I2147
6 HOLTZCLAW, Ann Elizabeth  1751/1759Virginia, United States I24262
7 OVERTON, William  18 Jun 1759Virginia, United States I3579
8 LITTLEJOHN, Samuel  1765Virginia, United States I29875
9 TONEY, Tabitha  Abt 1785Virginia, United States I55649
10 HUNT, Elizabeth Sarah Warren  1805Virginia, United States I37702
11 DARNALL, David  1810Virginia, United States I24250
12 BAKER, William  16 Dec 1811Virginia, United States I50400
13 GREEN, Isaac  13 Sep 1813Virginia, United States I42428
14 MIMS, Susannah  25 Feb 1824Virginia, United States I55665
15 DEPRIEST, Jane Walker  1840Virginia, United States I55632
16 PRICE, Spencer Lewis  30 Jun 1862Virginia, United States I61021
17 HIATT, Mona Fay  13 Jul 2006Virginia, United States I49539


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 DARNALL, Hannah  Virginia, United States I24246
2 GLENN, James  Virginia, United States I2508
3 HARRIS, John  Virginia, United States I2208
4 HARRIS, Thomas  Virginia, United States I1375
5 HIATT, Mona Fay  Virginia, United States I49539
6 WINN, Mourning  Virginia, United States I2509
7 BONNY, Richard  1706Virginia, United States I46461
8 MIMMS, Shadrach  1777Virginia, United States I55660


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 SHAWCROFT / BERTHELSEN  Virginia, United States F9071
2 HARRIS / HARRIS  1610Virginia, United States F617
3 WADE / MOSBY  Abt 1684Virginia, United States F7749
4 PITTS /   Est 1688Virginia, United States F15578
5 RICKS (RICKIES) / MCKINNIE  Abt 1697Virginia, United States F631
6 EZELL / BRADERTON  Abt 1713Virginia, United States F1705
7 ADAMS / NAPIER  Abt 1719Virginia, United States F8900
8 NAPIER / RATCLIFFE  Abt 1751Virginia, United States F8907
9 / MULLINS  Abt 1771Virginia, United States F12677
10 / MULLINS  Abt 1771Virginia, United States F12676
11 MULLINS / MULLINS  Abt 1772Virginia, United States F12664
12 / MULLINS  Est 1774Virginia, United States F12679
13 MULLINS / STANLEY  1775Virginia, United States F12668
14 NAPIER / STAPLES  1777Virginia, United States F8892
15 / MULLINS  1782Virginia, United States F12680
16 RICKS / BUNN  Abt 1782Virginia, United States F8121
17 MULLINS / MULLINS  Abt 1794Virginia, United States F12658
18 MULLINS /   Abt 1803Virginia, United States F12685
19 HENLEY / NAPIER  Abt 1812Virginia, United States F8908
20 MORGAN /   1823Virginia, United States F11483