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England, United Kingdom



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ann  1613England, United Kingdom I26661
2 Elizabeth  Abt 1496England, United Kingdom I1116
3 Margaret  Abt 1179England, United Kingdom I10812
4 ALDRED, Betty  Abt 1785England, United Kingdom I912
5 ANNABLE, Mrs William  Abt 1575England, United Kingdom I26010
6 BARRETT, Margaret  29 Sep 1595England, United Kingdom I30676
7 BEARD, Sarah  1631England, United Kingdom I27907
8 BESSE, Mr  Abt 1583England, United Kingdom I25996
9 BESSE, Mrs  Abt 1584England, United Kingdom I25997
10 BIDDLECOMBE, James  Abt 1633England, United Kingdom I11209
11 BOLITER, John  Abt 1535England, United Kingdom I2255
12 BRASSIEUR, ROBERT BRASSIEUR  Abt 1597England, United Kingdom I11211
13 CALTHORPE, Anne  Abt 1463England, United Kingdom I10692
14 CARY, Mary  1662England, United Kingdom I2536
15 CRICKEMER, Catherine  Abt 1580England, United Kingdom I1364
16 DRURY, sir Robert  Abt 1470England, United Kingdom I10687
17 EZELL, Timothy  1600England, United Kingdom I5809
18 FERRERS, Son De  Abt 1168England, United Kingdom I5761
19 FREEMAN, Thomas  1621England, United Kingdom I25914
20 GALLION  Abt 1565England, United Kingdom I25847
21 GIBBS, William  1600England, United Kingdom I25681
22 HANKEN, Roxanne **  1531England, United Kingdom I48457
23 HARRIS, Arthur  Abt 1475England, United Kingdom I2583
24 HARRIS, Dorothy (Bond)  1619England, United Kingdom I1778
25 HIDDEN, Thomas  Abt 1590England, United Kingdom I5112
26 HUNT, Edward  Apr 1538England, United Kingdom I44703
27 HUNT, Ellen  Apr 1546England, United Kingdom I44707
28 HUNT, Mary Ann  Apr 1540England, United Kingdom I44704
29 HUNT, Robert  Apr 1544England, United Kingdom I44706
30 HUNT, Mrs Thomas  Abt 1425England, United Kingdom I44746
31 HUNT, Thomas  Apr 1534England, United Kingdom I44700
32 HUNT, William  Apr 1536England, United Kingdom I44702
33 JENNINGS, Sarah  Abt 1688England, United Kingdom I2513
34 JENNINGS, Sarah  1702England, United Kingdom I2537
35 KITCHING, Sarah  Abt 1733England, United Kingdom I31754
36 LEESON, Joyce  Abt 1560England, United Kingdom I25662
37 LEESON, Margaret  Abt 1560England, United Kingdom I25661
38 MACHELL  Abt 1595England, United Kingdom I25726
39 MAINWARING, Bertrade  Abt 1196England, United Kingdom I10958
40 MAW, Mary  1836England, United Kingdom I44380
41 NEVILLE, Ann  Abt 1540England, United Kingdom I2240
42 OVERTON, Isaac  1640England, United Kingdom I3590
43 PAGE, Henry  Abt 1535England, United Kingdom I2448
44 POLIT, James  Abt 1781England, United Kingdom I911
45 POYNINGS, Eleanor  1421/1422England, United Kingdom I2008
46 PRIOR, (Son)  Abt 1826England, United Kingdom I32067
47 PRIOR, Child  Abt 1826England, United Kingdom I32066
48 RIDDLESDALE, Jasper  Abt 1492England, United Kingdom I1115
49 SCOTLAND, Marjory Princess Of  1152England, United Kingdom I2316
50 SCOTLAND, Matilda Princess Of  Abt 1148England, United Kingdom I2340

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SYMONDS, Katherine (Jone)  18 Apr 1630England, United Kingdom I1215
2 TURNER, John  Abt 1623England, United Kingdom I5436


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  England, United Kingdom I1116
2 ALDRED, Betty  1816England, United Kingdom I912
3 ALLEN, Joan  England, United Kingdom I983
4 BARTER, Margaret Mrs.  England, United Kingdom I25876
5 BEAN, Helen  20 Jul 1852England, United Kingdom I54950
6 BIGOD, Hugh Earl of Norfolk  25 Mar 1225England, United Kingdom I6193
7 BRAOSE, Bertha De  1170England, United Kingdom I5222
8 BRAOSE, Miss De  England, United Kingdom I5220
9 BRAOSE, Sybil De  Aft 19 Feb 1227England, United Kingdom I5224
10 BREWSTER ;[REV], John  23 Aug 1657England, United Kingdom I26497
11 BROCKLEBANK, John  Bef 1638England, United Kingdom I25624
12 CLARE, Adeliza (Alice) De  Abt 1163England, United Kingdom I4524
13 CLARE, Baldwin FitzGilbert De  1171England, United Kingdom I4523
14 CLARE, Gilbert De  1149England, United Kingdom I4520
15 CLARE, Gilbert De  1152England, United Kingdom I4516
16 CLARE, Gilbert FitzRichard De  1114/1117England, United Kingdom I4518
17 CLARE, Rohese De  England, United Kingdom I4517
18 CLARE, Rohesia De  1149England, United Kingdom I4522
19 CLARE, Walter De  Aft 1149England, United Kingdom I4521
20 CLERMONT, Adeliza De  England, United Kingdom I4519
21 CLIFFORD, Elizabeth PERCY BARONESS  1 Dec 1437England, United Kingdom I11107
22 COGAN, Henry  16 Jun 1649England, United Kingdom I5581
23 COUNTESS OF WORCEST, Helen (Elena) Of GALLOWAY  Aft 5 Dec 1245England, United Kingdom I10814
24 DANA, Margaret  1598England, United Kingdom I33108
25 DE AUDLEY, Margaret  9 Oct 1347England, United Kingdom I7153
26 DE CLARE, Aveline  Abt 18 Jun 1225England, United Kingdom I6188
27 DE NORTHWODE, John  1496England, United Kingdom I10635
28 DE QUINCY, Helen  Bef 3 Sep 1296England, United Kingdom I6901
29 DE VERDON, Maud (Matilda) Countess of Arundel  1283England, United Kingdom I6937
30 DE VERE, Robert  30 Sep 1296England, United Kingdom I6329
31 DRURY, sir Robert  20 Feb 1537England, United Kingdom I10687
32 ENGLAND, Constance Princess Of  6 Sep 1090England, United Kingdom I5165
33 FITZALAN, Mary  Bef 9 Feb 1376England, United Kingdom I5738
34 FITZMILES, Henry  1159/1163England, United Kingdom I5243
35 FITZMILES, Roger  1155England, United Kingdom I5240
36 FITZMILES, Walter  0056/0241England, United Kingdom I5241
37 FITZMILES, William  Bef 1166England, United Kingdom I5245
38 GALLION  England, United Kingdom I25847
39 GLEASON, Thomas  1614England, United Kingdom I25644
40 GLOUCESTER, Lucy De  England, United Kingdom I5246
41 GLOUCESTER, Margaret De  England, United Kingdom I5242
42 HARPER, Ann  England, United Kingdom I2842
43 HARRIS, Arthur  England, United Kingdom I2583
44 HODSOLL, Anne  6 Oct 1624England, United Kingdom I25934
45 HUNT, Mrs Thomas  England, United Kingdom I44746
46 IBBOTSON, John  England, United Kingdom I26247
47 JARVIS, Martha  28 Mar 1832England, United Kingdom I32056
48 KIRTON, Mrs-Thomas  England, United Kingdom I25664
49 LEESON, Dorothy  England, United Kingdom I25651
50 LEESON, John  Aft 1616England, United Kingdom I25646

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 COGAN, Henry  16 Jun 1649England, United Kingdom I5581
2 JENNINGS, John  England, United Kingdom I3666
3 JUDD (JUDDE), Alice (Smith)  1593England, United Kingdom I1380
4 KIRTON, Margaret  England, United Kingdom I25645
5 PERCY, Son  20 Dec 1474England, United Kingdom I1860
6 SCOTT, Thomas  17 Mar 1654England, United Kingdom I26391
7 SMITH, Thomas Sir  England, United Kingdom I1412
8 STOTESBURY, Susan  England, United Kingdom I25660
9 TUKE, Lady Mary  England, United Kingdom I59563
10 WALDEGRAVE, William  1554England, United Kingdom I2231


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 /   13 Nov 1836England, United Kingdom F11016
2 / POYNINGS  Abt 1446England, United Kingdom F590
3 BEAUFORT / BEAUCHAMP  1433England, United Kingdom F524
4 BESSE / BESSE  Abt 1605England, United Kingdom F8833
5 BOLEYN / PARKER  1526England, United Kingdom F8670
6 BOLITER / THROCKMORTON  Abt 1558England, United Kingdom F624
7 CLARE / CLERMONT  Bef 1076England, United Kingdom F1303
8 CLARE / WIFE  6 Nov 1217England, United Kingdom F3908
9 DE CLARE / DE  29 Oct 1308England, United Kingdom F8970
10 DE CLARE / DE LUSIGNAN  From 1 Mar 1252 to 2 Mar 1253England, United Kingdom F3584
11 DE LA POLE / (CHENEY)  Abt 1420England, United Kingdom F4017
12 DE LA POLE / STAFFORD  Bef 9 Dec 1391England, United Kingdom F4019
13 DRURY / CALTHORPE  Abt 1483England, United Kingdom F3837
14 FRANCE / FRANCE  Abt 905England, United Kingdom F496
15 FREEMAN / WINTERSHALL  Abt 1539England, United Kingdom F8992
16 GIBBS / LANGTON  24 Dec 1852England, United Kingdom F9954
17 GOODWIN / (GOODWYN)  Bef 1510England, United Kingdom F504
18 HARBOTTLE / WILLOUGHBY  10 Feb 1502England, United Kingdom F697
19 HARRIS / PERCY  Abt 1549England, United Kingdom F692
20 HARRIS / SMYTHE  1570England, United Kingdom F618
21 HARRIS ;[ESQ] / WALDEGRAVE  1550England, United Kingdom F619
22 HODSELL /   Abt 1568England, United Kingdom F8995
23 HUNT / HURD  1625England, United Kingdom F8144
24 JEWKES / WOODWARD  14 May 1815England, United Kingdom F11282
25 KIRTON / KIRTON  Bef 1600England, United Kingdom F8776
26 LEARNED / WRIGHT  Abt 1681England, United Kingdom F1177
27 LUSIGNAN / DE TAILLEFER  May 1217/1220England, United Kingdom F1592
28 PERCY / HERBERT  Abt 1473England, United Kingdom F589
29 PERCY / POYNINGS  Abt 1446England, United Kingdom F588
30 PERCY / SPENCER  Abt 1502England, United Kingdom F461
31 PRICE / MANSELL  27 Jun 1766England, United Kingdom F11058
32 RIDDLESDALE /   England, United Kingdom F383
33 RIDDLESDALE / RIDDLESDALE  England, United Kingdom F382
34 SCOTLAND / WARENNE  1134/1139England, United Kingdom F657
35 SPENCER / BEAUFORT  1465England, United Kingdom F531
36 SPRIGGE / SPRIGGE  1584England, United Kingdom F9011
37 STAPLETON / DE LA POLE LADY  Abt 1436England, United Kingdom F3852
38 STOUGHTON / EVELYN  Bef 1591England, United Kingdom F10756
39 WHITCOMB / HARPER  23 Jun 1620England, United Kingdom F1639
40 WHITCOMB / TAYLOR  Abt 1587England, United Kingdom F1629
41 WICOM OR NALAM /   Abt 1633England, United Kingdom F9030