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North Carolina, USA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anna Liza  Abt 1852North Carolina, USA I24172
2 Annie  Abt 1896North Carolina, USA I25423
3 Bessie  Abt 1894North Carolina, USA I25426
4 Charlotte  Abt 1828North Carolina, USA I24153
5 Eliza A.  May 1862North Carolina, USA I24485
6 Elizabeth  1812North Carolina, USA I24314
7 Elizabeth  Abt 1822North Carolina, USA I24580
8 Ella  Aug 1881North Carolina, USA I29837
9 Elsie Mae  Abt 1894North Carolina, USA I29841
10 Emeline  Abt 1853North Carolina, USA I25389
11 Julia  Abt 1833North Carolina, USA I25602
12 Liddy T  Mar 1859North Carolina, USA I23825
13 Maggie E.  Abt 1902North Carolina, USA I25455
14 Maggie F.  Abt 1881North Carolina, USA I24546
15 Mary J.  Abt 1891North Carolina, USA I25218
16 Mary Jane  Abt 1876North Carolina, USA I29710
17 Nora H.  Mar 1853North Carolina, USA I29833
18 Sarrah E.  Sep 1878North Carolina, USA I24586
19 Tabitha  1770North Carolina, USA I21736
20 Zilpha  Abt 1845North Carolina, USA I25591
21 ANDERSON, Isaac  10 Oct 1785North Carolina, USA I10208
22 ANDERSON, Sarah Ann  1834North Carolina, USA I24713
23 ANTHONY, Geneva  Abt 1908North Carolina, USA I29736
24 ANTHONY, Pink  Abt 1903North Carolina, USA I29733
25 ANTHONY, Walter P  Jun 1850North Carolina, USA I29832
26 APPERSON, Edward P.  Abt 1860North Carolina, USA I25277
27 BARLOW, Isley Tedder  19 Feb 1795North Carolina, USA I23121
28 BEAM, David C.  Abt 1872North Carolina, USA I29768
29 BEARD, Andrew  Abt 1802North Carolina, USA I46676
30 BENNETT, Mary Camilla  1809North Carolina, USA I18
31 BENNETT, Silas J.  Abt 1873North Carolina, USA I3422
32 BOLES, William Harrison  Abt 1840North Carolina, USA I25180
33 BOOZE, Catherine Katy  1797North Carolina, USA I24597
34 BOOZE, Demanda  Abt 1825North Carolina, USA I24283
35 BOOZE, Susannah  1814North Carolina, USA I24403
36 BOTTOMS, Earlie Edgar  27 Sep 1908North Carolina, USA I25215
37 BOWLES, Mary  Abt 1811North Carolina, USA I24833
38 BOYLES, Alexander M.  2 Aug 1844North Carolina, USA I24785
39 BOYLES, Calvin  Abt 1830North Carolina, USA I24781
40 BOYLES, Eliza  Abt 1822North Carolina, USA I24073
41 BOYLES, Elizabeth Matilda  28 Aug 1844North Carolina, USA I24841
42 BOYLES, Gaston  Abt 1880North Carolina, USA I24797
43 BOYLES, James  Abt 1875North Carolina, USA I24795
44 BOYLES, James M.  Abt 1838North Carolina, USA I24783
45 BOYLES, Lilla  Abt 1882North Carolina, USA I24798
46 BOYLES, Reid M.  Abt 1888North Carolina, USA I24800
47 BOYLES, Rose  Abt 1878North Carolina, USA I24796
48 BOYLES, Sarah  Abt 1817North Carolina, USA I24068
49 BOYLES, Walter  30 Oct 1873North Carolina, USA I24794
50 CAMP, Basil Augustas  Sep 1888North Carolina, USA I29722

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BINKLEY, Margaretha  Abt 1860North Carolina, USA I24985
2 BLANTON, Baxter Converse  7 Apr 1998North Carolina, USA I60006
3 BOLES, David Alexander  1824North Carolina, USA I25170
4 BOLES, Thomas Jefferson  North Carolina, USA I25178
5 BOLES, William Harrison  North Carolina, USA I25180
6 BOWLES, James  1825North Carolina, USA I25162
7 BROOKS, Zuda E.  30 May 1986North Carolina, USA I59938
8 CAMERON, Margaret Ethel  2 Oct 1930North Carolina, USA I24208
9 CONRAD, John  25 Oct 1841North Carolina, USA I24683
10 CULLER, Lillie  25 Oct 1999North Carolina, USA I24972
11 DARNALL, Samuel Robert  North Carolina, USA I25363
12 DIETZ, Anna Catherine  1 Dec 1780North Carolina, USA I8819
13 FISCUS, Catharina  Abt 1820North Carolina, USA I431
14 FULK, Fnu  1787North Carolina, USA I24419
15 FULK, Johannes  1782North Carolina, USA I25508
16 FULP, Caroline Abigail  Abt 1858North Carolina, USA I24750
17 GIBSON, Mary Ann  North Carolina, USA I25370
18 GREENE, Susan  27 Mar 1870North Carolina, USA I42624
19 HAUSER, Samuel  Abt 1881North Carolina, USA I24977
20 KRIEGER, Johann George  North Carolina, USA I24737
21 KRIEGER, Peter  North Carolina, USA I24732
22 KRIEGER, Soloman  North Carolina, USA I24720
23 LONDON, Martha  Abt 1850North Carolina, USA I24742
24 MCSWAIN, Berry M.  12 Oct 1960North Carolina, USA I59942
25 MCSWAIN, Eda Elizabeth  15 Dec 1973North Carolina, USA I59939
26 MCSWAIN, Ethel  UnknownNorth Carolina, USA I60014
27 MCSWAIN, Larkin Crawford  6 Jul 1970North Carolina, USA I59937
28 MCSWAIN, Nancy Sue  4 Sep 1938North Carolina, USA I60013
29 MCSWAIN, Polly Jean  10 Jan 2012North Carolina, USA I59945
30 MOORE, Sarah Beckelhymer  North Carolina, USA I25171
31 RIERSON, Mary Elizabeth  North Carolina, USA I25179
32 SCHENCKEL, Magdalena  Abt 1830North Carolina, USA I24056
33 SCHMIDT, John Renatus  16 Dec 1852North Carolina, USA I26110
34 SCHULTZ, Louisa Elizabeth  16 Sep 1901North Carolina, USA I26108
35 SISK, Nancy Jane  1850/1854North Carolina, USA I24180
36 SPAINHOWER, Barbara  North Carolina, USA I24673
37 SPAINHOWER, Catherina  1862North Carolina, USA I24672
38 SPAINHOWER, David  1 Jun 1845North Carolina, USA I24678
39 SPAINHOWER, John Henry  Abt 1785North Carolina, USA I26113
40 SPAINHOWER, Maria Elizabeth  13 Nov 1867North Carolina, USA I24679
41 SPANHAUER, Gertrude Salome  Abt 1868North Carolina, USA I26095
42 TEAGUE, Elizabeth  North Carolina, USA I24669
43 TUTTLE, Elizabeth  Abt 1851North Carolina, USA I25163
44 VOLCH, Andreas (Andrew) III  26 Jul 1814North Carolina, USA I25497
45 WARNER, Christian Lewis  1897North Carolina, USA I24754
46 WHITE, David  North Carolina, USA I25182
47 WHITE, Martha  North Carolina, USA I25181
48 WOLFF, John Lewis  8 Nov 1842North Carolina, USA I24150
49 WOLFF, Sarah  Abt 1857North Carolina, USA I11272


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BEAM / CAMP  Abt 1895North Carolina, USA F9567
2 BENNETT / HALEY  Abt 1905North Carolina, USA F8768
3 BINKLEY / DULL  Abt 1780North Carolina, USA F8581
4 BOYLES / BOLES  27 Jan 1830North Carolina, USA F8519
5 CAMP / ROBERTS  Abt 1862North Carolina, USA F9575
6 CORNELIUS / SPAINHOWER  Abt 1795North Carolina, USA F8860
7 CULLER /   Abt 1872North Carolina, USA F8692
8 CULLER /   Abt 1924North Carolina, USA F8725
9 HOSEY /   1770North Carolina, USA F7942
10 HOSEY / TEMPLE  1794North Carolina, USA F7937
11 MOORE /   Abt 1915North Carolina, USA F9465
12 REICH / SPANHAUER  Abt 1810North Carolina, USA F8851
13 SCHMIDT / SPANHAUER  Abt 1815North Carolina, USA F8859
14 SPAINHOWER /   1788North Carolina, USA F8494
15 SPAINHOWER / TEAGUE  2 Jan 1778North Carolina, USA F8492
16 SPANHAUER / HAUSER  Abt 1775North Carolina, USA F3285
17 SPANHAUER / HAUSER  Abt 1817North Carolina, USA F8855
18 STRINGER / BRINSON  Abt 1784North Carolina, USA F7035
19 WESTON / MULDER  1881North Carolina, USA F15899