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Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA



Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ARNEY, Lucinda  1826Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA I24407
2 ARNEY, William  9 Mar 1831Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I24778
3 BOYLES, Caira  8 Sep 1824Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I24768
4 BOYLES, Elizabeth  18 Oct 1830Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I24770
5 BOYLES, John Adam  1821Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I24766
6 BOYLES, Mary  1822Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I24767
7 BOYLES, Sarah  1829Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I24769
8 BOYLES, Solomon  1833Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I24771
9 FISCUS, Catherine  24 Nov 1828Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA I24628
10 FISCUS, John Q.  5 Aug 1827Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA I24627
11 FISCUS, Levi  5 Oct 1830Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA I24629
12 FISCUS, Marion  29 May 1840Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA I24633
13 FISCUS, Matilda  15 Dec 1838Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA I24632
14 FISCUS, Nancy Jane  17 May 1836Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA I24631
15 FISCUS, Rebecca  18 May 1832Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA I24630
16 FULK, Burley A.  Jul 1880Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25089
17 FULK, Catharine M.  16 Mar 1876Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25086
18 FULK, Charles  Abt 1859Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25082
19 FULK, Charles F.  1817Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25071
20 FULK, Cleora  Abt 1877Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25087
21 FULK, Davis S.  20 Aug 1840Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25075
22 FULK, John Calvin  10 Nov 1864Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25083
23 FULK, Lillie M.  Apr 1883Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25090
24 FULK, Margaret  Abt 1873Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25085
25 FULK, Matilda J.  13 Mar 1839Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25041
26 FULK, William Riley  4 Feb 1842Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25076
27 FULK, Willie  Abt 1870Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25084


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ARNEY, Mary Magdalena  4 Apr 1850Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA I24621
2 BOYLES, Mary  Jul 1849Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I24767
3 DEITZ, Louisa Or Lucy  1855Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA I5833
4 FISCUS, Johann Frederick  14 Feb 1859Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA I24616
5 FULK, Charles F.  21 Apr 1850Jefferson, Owen County, Indiana, USA I25071
6 LEE, Elizabeth  1827Jefferson, Owen county, Indiana, USA I24640