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Georgia, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Amy  Abt 1827Georgia, United States I1131
2 Anna  Abt 1838Georgia, United States I32628
3 Beckie  Abt 1850Georgia, United States I31767
4 ALEXANDER, David  Abt 1790Georgia, United States I1130
5 BOYANTON, Hiram K.  Abt 1850Georgia, United States I868
6 BUTLER, Pickens  Abt 1839Georgia, United States I47522
7 CAMP, Edward M  18 Aug 1816Georgia, United States I47597
8 CAMP, George  1822Georgia, United States I47601
9 CARTER, Kizziah  Abt 1798Georgia, United States I173
10 COLEMAN, Samuel  Abt 1783Georgia, United States I4131
11 DANIEL, Leah  Abt 1805Georgia, United States I22303
12 EDWARDS, Elizabeth L  1850Georgia, United States I42896
13 ENNIS, Mary Letis  1795Georgia, United States I100
14 GUNTER, Ruth J  Abt 1869Georgia, United States I42897
15 HERRIN, Cynthia  Abt 1796Georgia, United States I29952
16 HOLMES, Delphia  3 Aug 1816Georgia, United States I47695
17 KNIGHT, John Jr.  4 Apr 1808Georgia, United States I2918
18 KNIGHT, Robert  Abt 1864Georgia, United States I11295
19 KNIGHT, Thomas  Abt 1801Georgia, United States I11293
20 KNIGHT, Thomas Jr  Abt 1828Georgia, United States I11294
21 LEGGETT, William A.  1801Georgia, United States I18676
22 LOTT, Luke  1772Georgia, United States I9750
23 LYON, Wyatt Cleveland  Abt 13 Jul 1807Georgia, United States I43033
24 MAJOR, Sarah Elizabeth  1862Georgia, United States I57886
25 MCCOLLOUGH, Catherine  Abt 1782Georgia, United States I193
26 MCCULLOUGH, William Michael  13 Dec 1799Georgia, United States I1411
27 MCDANIEL, Mary L.  1831Georgia, United States I33650
28 MORRIS, D A  1869Georgia, United States I50636
29 MULLINS, Permelia  Abt 1809Georgia, United States I1485
30 NEAL, Larua J  Abt 1867Georgia, United States I44276
31 PATTERSON, Mary Edna  Abt 1844Georgia, United States I31233
32 PETERS, Angeline  Abt 1847Georgia, United States I32637
33 PETERS, Benaga  Abt 1840Georgia, United States I32634
34 PETERS, Cary  Abt 1845Georgia, United States I32636
35 PETERS, Dorcas  Abt 1836Georgia, United States I32633
36 PETERS, Nancy A  Abt 1844Georgia, United States I32635
37 RASBERRY, George  1795Georgia, United States I60993
38 RASBERRY, Green  4 Oct 1800Georgia, United States I60994
39 RASBERRY, Purity  12 May 1794Georgia, United States I60992
40 REED, Armintee  10 Feb 1802Georgia, United States I29609
41 REED, Joseph  2 Nov 1808Georgia, United States I29612
42 REED, Polly Matilda  30 Nov 1803Georgia, United States I29610
43 REED, William  5 Dec 1810Georgia, United States I29611
44 RICHARDSON, James Moses  5 Jul 1828Georgia, United States I7536
45 RUMSEY, Melissa Lucinda  6 May 1858Georgia, United States I61036
46 RUSHINGTON, Martha E.  1844Georgia, United States I33465
47 SHAW, william h  Abt 1856Georgia, United States I44233
48 STOVER, Amanda Emeline  Abt 1849Georgia, United States I58154
49 STOVER, Jacob W  1862Georgia, United States I58156
50 STOVER, Obediah Clayton  May 1837Georgia, United States I58150

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLRED, Levi  31 Jul 1877Georgia, United States I54291
2 DEPRIEST, Margaret  Abt 1845Georgia, United States I55641
3 GUYMON, Richard Frank  13 May 2003Georgia, United States I34149
4 STOVER, Charles  1840Georgia, United States I58151
5 WELCH, Betsy Elizabeth  18 Dec 1899Georgia, United States I6076
6 WILLIAMS, Elba Mattie  Between 1860-1870Georgia, United States I32622


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 FOSTER, J A  Georgia, United States I949


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 LOTT / HERRIN  Abt 1803Georgia, United States F10506