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North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Eve Lnu  Abt 1734North Carolina I349
2 Mary  Abt 1834North Carolina I25477
3 Nancy Louisa  1815North Carolina I18479
4 Remilson  Abt 1736North Carolina I19381
5 Sallie  Abt 1790North Carolina I11348
6 BAILEY, Mary Ann  1819North Carolina I20042
7 BARLOW, William Bryant  1791North Carolina I18945
8 BEARD, Hannah  15 Jul 1776North Carolina I46661
9 BEARD, Joanna or Duanna  Abt 1768North Carolina I42728
10 BOYLES, Cary  4 Jul 1817North Carolina I411
11 BOYLES, Infant  1805North Carolina I468
12 BOYLES, Infant  1811North Carolina I131
13 BOYLES, James  Abt 1800North Carolina I415
14 BOYLES, Joseph  Abt 1792North Carolina I412
15 BOYLES, Noah  9 Apr 1810North Carolina I419
16 BROCK, Ruben II  North Carolina I7101
17 BROOKS, James Perry  Abt 1859North Carolina I60027
18 BRUMFIELD, John Watson (Rev)  Bef 1727North carolina I20389
19 BUCKLEY, Sarah Sally  1769North Carolina I47579
20 BULLOCK, Silas  1783North Carolina I21149
21 BURT, Christopher  Abt 1780North Carolina I11301
22 BURT, Christopher  1789North Carolina I18120
23 CAMP, Elizabeth  1795North Carolina I13
24 CAMP OR KEMP, Temperance Eva Tempe  Abt 1759North Carolina I45326
25 CARROLL, George Whitfield  North Carolina I4242
26 CHAPMAN, Mary  Abt 1823North Carolina I60927
27 CHAPPELL, Rebecca  1 Oct 1782North Carolina I53954
28 COCKS, Charity  1770North Carolina I16327
29 COLLINS, JANE OR JENNIE  Abt 1798North Carolina I22932
30 CONNER, Dulcena  1835North Carolina I10062
31 COX, Levi  22 Mar 1800North Carolina I46666
32 CULLER, Catherine Loretta  Abt 1840North Carolina I8291
33 CULLER, James Nathaniel  Mar 1848North Carolina I8262
34 CULLER, John William (Coon)  Abt 1825North Carolina I8243
35 CULLER, Nancy E.  Abt 1846North Carolina I8263
36 DAVIS, Henry  11 Dec 1794North Carolina I50258
37 DAVIS, Jacob  25 Feb 1790North Carolina I50291
38 DOSSETT, William  Abt 1775North Carolina I19315
39 DUNN, Hiram  Abt 1790North Carolina I44463
40 FOWLER, MARY  24 Jun 1796North Carolina I7719
41 FRENCH, Ruth  Abt 1792North Carolina I47105
42 HARVEY, William  Abt 1800North Carolina I41965
43 HEFFNER, Christina  1758North Carolina I6005
44 HEFFNER, Lois Catherine  15 Oct 1937North Carolina I336
45 HICKS, Mary "Polly"  9 Feb 1806North Carolina I36619
46 HICKS, Nancy  17 Jun 1824North Carolina I48828
47 HILL, Nancy Perry  20 Mar 1802North Carolina I19139
48 HOLLOWELL, John  4 Jan 1803North Carolina I57585
49 HOLTSCLAW, Martha C  Abt 1862North Carolina I35082
50 HOUSER, Mary  Abt 1785North Carolina I6017

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROOKS, William M  Aft 1880North Carolina I60024
2 CAMP, Rollins Pinkney  8 Nov 1935North Carolina I23794
3 CULLER, Claudis N. (Claud)  Jul 1964North Carolina I555
4 CULLER, Grady Arthur  Apr 1968North Carolina I551
5 HERMAN, Mary  13 Aug 1845North Carolina I60943
6 HIGHTOWER, Ann  1765North Carolina I20597
7 KNIGHT, Jonathan  1817north carolina I49967
8 MOSER, John  North Carolina I25465
9 MOSER, John Henry,  Mar 1836North Carolina I2610
10 PRICE, Reuben S  5 Jan 1924North Carolina I61027
11 THOMAS, Elizabeth  Abt 1877North Carolina I3305


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Anna Walberger  1774North Carolina I46309
2 CARSON, William Uriah  North Carolina I60459


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CAMP / CONNER  Abt 1866North Carolina F19
2 COOPER / ISLES  1755North Carolina F15616
3 DEAL / HERMAN  1796North Carolina F17504
4 HATTEN / HICKS  1869North Carolina F12130
5 HOLT / ANDREWS  25 Oct 1780North Carolina F2608
6 HYDE / JACKSON  Abt 1822North Carolina F16862
7 SAPP /   Abt 1764North Carolina F6880