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Louisiana, United States



Matches 1 to 32 of 32

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Fannie E.  Jul 1871Louisiana, United States I1777
2 ALLEN, W. L.  Feb 1845Louisiana, United States I497
3 AYCOCK, B. F  Abt 1850Louisiana, United States I1201
4 BREEDEN, Bland Ballard  1824Louisiana, United States I323
5 BREEDEN, James  8 Aug 1919Louisiana, United States I1308
6 BREEDEN, Media  28 Nov 1904Louisiana, United States I1372
7 BREEDEN, Virgil L.  23 Jul 1915Louisiana, United States I1306
8 BROWN, William  Abt 1790Louisiana, United States I1311
9 BUCHANAN, Andrew Hartzol  28 Jan 1854Louisiana, United States I128
10 CARPENTER, Dovie  7 Nov 1894Louisiana, United States I1305
11 CURTIS, Mary Jane  1 Jun 1805Louisiana, United States I265
12 DEGANT, Stephen  Abt 1862Louisiana, United States I1367
13 MCKAY, Emily  1848Louisiana, United States I1619
14 MILLER, Martha C.  10 Jul 1830Louisiana, United States I306
15 ROBERTS, Charles Joseph  1894Louisiana, United States I896
16 SEGRUE, Edna Florence  Abt 1898Louisiana, United States I1508
17 WEBB, Frances Warren  1858Louisiana, United States I887
18 YARBROUGH, Addie Caroline  Abt 1921Louisiana, United States I1510
19 YARBROUGH, Addie Pearl  23 Nov 1889Louisiana, United States I503
20 YARBROUGH, Charles Joseph  Feb 1857Louisiana, United States I506
21 YARBROUGH, Felma Julia  1918Louisiana, United States I1509
22 YARBROUGH, Harvey Quitman  Oct 1858Louisiana, United States I499
23 YARBROUGH, Joseph H.  2 Aug 1892Louisiana, United States I501
24 YARBROUGH, Lemmie  Oct 1883Louisiana, United States I895
25 YARBROUGH, Lena Frances  7 Oct 1885Louisiana, United States I893
26 YARBROUGH, Louis  12 Mar 1892Louisiana, United States I890
27 YARBROUGH, Nancy Jane  Oct 1889Louisiana, United States I891
28 YARBROUGH, Nathan Roberts  30 Nov 1894Louisiana, United States I894
29 YARBROUGH, Nettie A.  Feb 1895Louisiana, United States I502
30 YARBROUGH, Oscar  Abt 1875Louisiana, United States I898
31 YARBROUGH, Othello J.  Apr 1898Louisiana, United States I462
32 YARBROUGH, Zula  Jul 1879Louisiana, United States I899


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BREEDEN, Champney Terry  13 Apr 1878Louisiana, United States I272
2 BREEDEN, Charles Rufus  1 Aug 1954Louisiana, United States I883
3 BREEDEN, Eugenia  17 Mar 1900Louisiana, United States I492
4 BREEDEN, Lacy Earl Sr.  6 Nov 1961Louisiana, United States I880
5 BREEDEN, Martha  9 Jul 1945Louisiana, United States I495
6 BREEDEN, Media  18 Apr 1905Louisiana, United States I1372
7 CARPENTER, Dovie  30 Aug 1955Louisiana, United States I1305
8 DEGANT, Stephen  1930Louisiana, United States I1367
9 FOSTER, Albert  Abt 1976Louisiana, United States I951
10 MILLER, Martha C.  6 May 1912Louisiana, United States I306
11 ROBERTS, Charles Joseph  1980Louisiana, United States I896
12 SMITH, Levi  1888Louisiana, United States I1190
13 WEBB, Frances Warren  1920Louisiana, United States I887
14 YARBROUGH, Charles Joseph  Louisiana, United States I506
15 YARBROUGH, Lemmie  12 Apr 1900Louisiana, United States I895
16 YARBROUGH, Lena Frances  4 Feb 1938Louisiana, United States I893
17 YARBROUGH, Louis  22 Feb 1966Louisiana, United States I890
18 YARBROUGH, Madia J.  29 Jun 1905Louisiana, United States I507
19 YARBROUGH, Nancy Jane  1950Louisiana, United States I891
20 YARBROUGH, Nathan Roberts  1970Louisiana, United States I894
21 YARBROUGH, Zula  1940Louisiana, United States I899


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BOSTICK, Cornelia C  Abt 1925Louisiana, United States I946
2 FOSTER, Albert  Louisiana, United States I951


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 ALLEN / BREEDEN  Abt 1894Louisiana, United States F717
2 BREEDEN / CARPENTER  Abt 1914Louisiana, United States F940
3 BREEDEN / MCADAMS  27 Nov 1873Louisiana, United States F725
4 YARBROUGH / BREEDEN  1886Louisiana, United States F716
5 YARBROUGH / DEGANT  Abt 1902Louisiana, United States F1069
6 YARBROUGH / SEGRUE  Abt 1917Louisiana, United States F1018